Admission into all classes is ongoing at Francis "M" School, Iwajowa layout, Bodija, Ibadan.

37 Francis ‘M’ School was started as a coaching center which soon after developed into a Nursery and Primary School, a transformation that provoked opposition as it was equated with gold mining in someone else’s landed property. Coincidentally, government policy also made it mandatory for Nursery and Primary schools to be established on their permanent sites, as a requirement for approval. Above all, there was the desire to play a greater role in the nation’s educational enterprise; the focus of which is imparting education, and moral spiritual upbringing that will equip children for the challenges of adult life.

The school started on 16th September, 1985 right in the sitting room of the family’s University of Ibadan rented apartment, New Bodija, Ibadan with 6 pioneer pupils. Later in 1988, it was moved into a more spacious apartment along Adenuga Street, Bodija in response to increased numerical enrolment. The strain of growth on limited available facilities aggravated by local pressures necessitated the acquisition of a permanent site for the School. Moreover, the urgency for this was dictated by the government policy. The breakthrough came in January 1994, with Francis ‘M’ School moving to its present permanent site, Plots 3,4,9 and 10 Iwajowa layout, Bodija, Ibadan. To God be the glory.

From Francis ‘M’ School Nursery beds (classes) hundreds of children are started off on a sound footing of discipline and learning. A blend of Anglo-American teaching aids and instructional materials, a well-stocked toy library and a refined and articulated Montessori curriculum are included in a conducive environment for preparing the children for primary grades where they are further groomed and nurtured morally and academically for the more challenging academic programme and examinations ahead.


Without doubt, Francis ‘M’ School has a proud legacy of academic excellence. Hence the products of the School often secure admission into reputable private and public secondary schools with ease. A large number of ex-pupils are in the Universities pursuing different courses in different fields. In fact, a good number of the products of the school have now qualified as medical doctors, lawyers, accountants, agriculturist and bankers.

There can be no success without a corresponding input of manpower, The members of staff at Francis ‘M’ School includes a cream of talented, highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers. At Francis ‘M’ school the entire staff accepts the responsibility of guidance and discipline. The school has zero tolerance for indiscipline and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the children are God-fearing.

At Francis ‘M’ School there are also a myriad of functional, vibrant and dynamic clubs. Pupils in Primary grades are allocated to clubs either according to their expressed interest or observed inclination. Some of these clubs are: Cultural “Bata” dance, Choreography that can put up mesmerizing displays, Home Economics capable of exquisite dishes and tasty delicacies. Others are Computer Club boasting of whiz-kids, Readers and Drama Club and the Young Scientists that engage in routine experimentation with natural forces, natural laws and hypotheses.

The amazing success of Francis ‘M’ School formed the launch-pad to the founding of the College arm of the School, which in record time has also achieved iconic status.

In spite of the giant strides of Francis ‘M’ College to achieve leadership position among its peers, Francis ‘M’ school does not rest on its laurels but continues to be a household name, a beacon of excellence and a pace setter in the education of children.